Instrumental Music info

What is Band/Orchestra all about?

    Playing an instrument in school is a fun way to be more involved. Students will learn teamwork and leadership skills that are increasingly important in today's society. I have been able to use my personal experience with learning instruments to help me learn many other things, like how to build a web site or how to operate an abacus. This experience is even helping me progress though my martial arts training. 

    The Columbine Area Instrumental Music program is comprised of 20 small ensembles: A beginning band, beginning orchestra, advanced band, and advanced orchestra from each of the 5 feeder elementary schools of Columbine High School. When we perform concerts, we get together into four large ensembles. 

    Participation in band requires dedication, a band instrument, and parent involvement. All band students must dedicate a certain amount of time to at home practice in order to achieve success. Parent involvement goes right along with the at home practice requirement. Parents need to give praise and encouragement as their child’s playing improves.