Finding an instrument

 Participation in band requires all students to have a band instrument and a method book. The method book for band is "Tradition of Excellence book 1" for orchestra it is "Essential Elements 2000 book 1". 

Band instruments can be acquired through the following methods.

             Come to instrument rental night on Wednesday, August 30th at 6pm and music stores will be at Ken Caryl Middle school to answer questions and to get you started.

             1. Rental Purchase (Rent to Own):

Rent to own is the most used method in schools. These instruments are supplied by a reputable music store and come with insurance in case of loss or damage. (All payments apply to purchase)

-Some good companies to work with: 

Music & Arts 7421 West Bowles Avenue Littleton, CO 80123 (303) 973-097

Golden Music 2430 East Street Golden, CO 80401-2418 - (303) 279-1111

2. Purchase:

Direct purchase from a music store, news paper advertisement, friend of family member is often a money saver. Good used instruments can often be found at a fraction of the price for a new instrument.

Music Go Round 8055 W. Bowles Avenue Littleton, CO 80123 (303) 932-8277

3. School owned instruments:

The school has a limited number of instruments that can be borrowed for a user fee of $125.00 per year. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch will have that fee waived. These instruments are generally very old and may be more difficult to play. Download an application here.

4. Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penny Catalogue, E-bay :

Buyers beware! Musical instruments need to be made with precision and reliable. These may be defective right out of the box. Most music stores will not work on these instruments because they do not have access to parts.

5. Used:

If you are purchasing a used instrument from a private party, please ask them if you can bring it to school so I can give it a test before you close the deal. Quite often that instrument that looks great will need $150.00 or more worth of repairs before it will play. This is especially true of woodwind instruments like the flute, clarinet and saxophone.