Parent letter Oct 30

posted Oct 30, 2014, 11:00 AM by Gregory Gates   [ updated Oct 31, 2014, 11:15 AM ]

Parents,                                                                                                                                   October 30, 2014

            Happy Halloween! I am writing this letter to keep you informed about things that are going on soon in band/orchestra land.

Practice cards – More than a month ago, I handed out practice cards to all band/orchestra students. If you haven’t seen these yet, please ask your son/daughter about them. They are to be filled out and turned in by November 7th. (If your young musician doesn’t have class on the 8th, please turn it in the class before) If you can’t find your practice card, you may download another one from the website If you ever forget the website address, it’s on the back of your black shirt.

Playing tests – The week of Nov 3-7 there will be playing tests for everyone.(All of this information is on the website as well.) You have a lot of time to prepare, please don’t wait until the last minute.  Here is what your child is expected to know:

Beginning Band - #27 Good King Wenceslas

Beginning Orchestra – #53 Olympic Challenge

Advanced Band - #89 Concert F Maj. Scale, Arpeggio and Chords

Advanced Orchestra – #102 This Old Man

Concerts – Our fall concerts are just around the corner! If your child is in beginning or advanced band, your concert is Thursday, November 20th. If your child is in beginning or advanced orchestra, your concert is Wednesday, November 12th.  The format for both events will be the same:

6:30 – Beginning Rehearsal – This will start at 6:30 so make sure you drop your child off at least 15 minutes beforehand.

6:45 – Advanced Rehearsal - This will start at 6:45 so make sure you drop your child off at least 15 minutes beforehand.

7:00 – Concert – These usually last about 30 minutes total.

Item checklist for concert:

__Instrument / Music

__Music stand

__Band/Orchestra t-shirt (or black shirt if you don’t have one) and black pants, skirt, or very very dark jeans.


I look forward to seeing you at the concert!